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  • DEQI Intellectual Property Law Corporation has its origin from the Patent Service Center of the Ministry of Information Industry (PSCMII), a state-owned company, which was established in 1984 as one of the earliest agencies providing intellectual property services in China. The PSCMII gathered a number of first-generation patent attorneys in China, some of whom are still working with DEQI by supervising junior attorneys.

    In April 2001, the PSCMII became private and changed its name to DEQI Patent Law Corporation. The successor company retained some skeleton staff in the PSCMII while recruiting quite a number of professionals in the IP profession. Since then the company stepped into a new era of rapid and steady development.

    At the initial stage of Chinese patent system only a few companies were designated by the government to handle IP issues involving foreign elements. DEQI received this authorization in 2002. Thanks to its strong competence and years of experiences in the IP profession, so far DEQI has established working relationships with hundreds of companies and law firms throughout the world.

    In 2004, the company was renamed as DEQI Intellectual Property Law Corporation and moved to current location, which is in just 10-minute walking distance from the SIPO.

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