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Comprehensive Competence

Unlike other firms in China, DEQI is handling three types of work at the same time: domestic work, incoming work and outgoing work and these three types of work are evenly processed by DEQI attorneys.
Such work structure requires comprehensive capabilities of DEQI professionals, including not only foreign language capability, but also communication skill and written techniques.
More importantly, this work structure allows DEQI attorneys abundant opportunities to communicate with our foreign associates and share information and techniques with lawyers all around the world in all IP aspects, thus forming a group of internationalized IP professionals with high starting point, broad vision, strong ability in apprehension and skilled techniques.

Rich Experience in Drafting

DEQI attorneys are annually processing plenty of patent drafting work for the first filing, not only in Chinese but also in foreign languages. Through face to face communication with inventors, DEQI patent attorneys are able to have a thorough understanding of technology, be clear about the commercial value of inventions and figure out the best approach to securing a patent right in favor of applicant.
DEQI attorneys have long recognized that, a qualified professional should not act as a "postman" or a translator between his client and government, and that in no way can he seize essence of invention or provide professional advices to his client without competent skills in application drafting. Such recognition has been proved by the fact that more and more clients, both domestic and overseas, are getting to know and choosing us for our reliable expertise in application drafting.

Reliable Quality Control

DEQI has a well-established quality control department, which is composed of our key attorneys with extensive experiences in their respective areas. The supervisors review the work done by other attorneys and provide feedbacks on the qualities of patent drafting, translation as well as response to office action. We are so proud that each application coming out of DEQI is a piece of work integrating the intelligences and efforts of all our staff.

Sound Workflow Management

At all time workflow management is given the highest priority in DEQI, which we regard as equally important as quality control, as we know that even a minor-looking error in the workflow may result in loss or damage that is irremediable to the client.
We are very proud to hire a top-level workflow management team in China, whose leader has been working in this area for over 25 years.
The computer management system adopted by DEQI integrates the advantages of other similar management software in the market and adapts itself to the intellectual property industry. In this way the system manages our client database and monitors different deadlines and fees, so that all our work can be processed safely and reliably.
Another thing that is worth being mentioned is that the system also monitors timelines of all our outgoing faxes and emails, thus securing that our professional advices and responses can reach our clients as quickly as possible to timely meet client's needs.

Diversified Trainings

DEQI attorneys take part in all kinds of in-house and external trainings and intercommunications on a routine basis. The trainings cover a variety of aspects ranging from IP laws, professional skills, technologies and professional ethics. DEQI is also interested in and actively involved in bidirectional training courses with our clients and foreign associates.

Multi-Language Working Environment

Each of our professionals is specialized in at least one kind of foreign language. The company as a whole has the ability to handle documents in any of Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, German, etc. Meanwhile, to secure the quality of our translation almost every translation work is done by our in-house translators.

"One-Stop" Legal Services

Unlike other patent and trademark agencies in China, DEQI hired quite a few of legal professionals, who have technical and legal background and working experiences as in-house counsel and IP lawyer at the same time. Therefore, DEQI is in good position to provide "one-stop" legal services to our clients.





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