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DEQI prepares and files a number of patent applications each year, not only in China but also throughout the world.

Our patent services include:

Patent search

There are a variety of searches that we are able to conduct: non-infringement search, patentability search for invention, validity search for utility model patent/ short term patent, and search for family patents. Our practice also covers search for status of a patent application and prosecution history of a granted patent, by any one of the following items: applicant's name (in either Chinese or foreign language), publication number, application number, patent number, and title of the invention/utility model.

Monitor services

We're able to monitor the Official Gazette published weekly by the Chinese Patent Office, notify our clients of the publication of potentially conflicting design patent and challenge it if our clients deem necessary.

Patent prosecution

Our practices in patent prosecution include drafting patent applications in Chinese or English, translating foreign language documentation into Chinese, preparing patent applications for filing in China (including PCT national entry) and abroad, advising our clients against office actions and preparing responses to the actions, and reviewing and double-checking Patent Certificate.

Patent reexamination and invalidation

DEQI attorneys are frequently involved in preparing and filing request for reexamination; preparing written opinions for patent reexamination and invalidation; and representing our clients at oral hearings.





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